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Online Reports

Hart of Texas cattle Feeders now offers online reports available for download. We know you want to see how your money is invested. Log on and see your yard sheets safely and securely.



For convenience we
offer a Customer Info Form Download CLICK HERE.

Simply fill out the form and bring it with you when you visit the office. We also welcome E-Mail. After filling out the form, save the PDF to your computer, then attach it in an E-Mail.

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Welcome to the Hart of Texas

Hart of Texas Cattle Feeders is a 35,000 head custom feedlot facility in Hart, TX. We are conveniently located in the Nation's largest cattle feeding area putting us minutes away from many major meat packing plants in Amarillo,TX. We offer professional services such as feeder cattle procurement, risk management assistance, marketing alternatives, and online customer reports. With our extensive amount of various pen sizes we can achieve maximum slaughter results for both large and small feeders.

Nutrition plays a
very important role
in our feedlot.

Our experienced nutritionist has a
well experienced feed team and a state of the art mill with cutting edge technology.
Your cattle's health
is consistently
monitored by our cattle caretakers.
We stay on top of your cattle to insure your investment is not lost or overcome by poor health. Hart of Texas Cattle Feeders is committed to safe animal husbandry practices.
Hart of Texas Cattle Feeders takes pride in accuracy.
Running our feedlot with accuracy insures your investments are not wasted on late meals or inaccurate feed mixtures. We truly harness our technology to accurately monitor details unimaginable in earlier years.